Start Corporation Youth Build


5 Program Components


To acquire literacy and numeracy gains, secondary education credentials, industry-recognized credentials, and preparation for post-secondary career and education placements and completion. This component consists of: Academic Skills, Remedial Education and HiSET Preparation, College Readiness, and Career Exploration.


Provides on-site skills training through well-supervised housing rehabilitation or construction work and leads to industry-recognized credentials for young people. This component consists of: Onsite Training, Health and Safety Standards, Industry Certifications, Career Readiness Skills and Education and Pre-apprenticeship programs.


Designed to help participants address barriers and challenges that interfere with fulfillment of their potential and successful life outcomes. Case management helps participants set goals and link to other community resources as appropriate to assist with challenges related to health, substance abuse, housing, childcare, family, or legal issues. This component consist of: Referrals, Peer & Group Counseling, Individual Counseling, Life Skills and Goals.


Designed to motivate students toward self-development and to further employment and leadership skills. This component consists of: Decision Making, Group Facilitation, Program Leadership Roles, Public Speaking, Negotiating, Community Service, and Advocacy.


Support in planning placement in employment and/or post-secondary education. This component consists of: College/Career Counseling, and Placement Job Development, Internships, Follow-up, Community and Leadership Roles

*Students can earn up to $150/week while learning!

Eligibility Criteria

Individuals 16-24 years old at the time of enrollment, and have dropped out of high school, and also at least one of the following:

A current or former foster youth
A youth offender
An adult offender
Youth who has a disability
A child of a incarcerated parent
A low-income youth

A youth who has a high school diploma/GED or is not a member of one of the targeted populations above, but is basic skills deficient in Reading or Math, can be enrolled.