Community Based Recovery Services

Housing Support Team/Community Based Recovery Services

Housing Support Team/Community Based Recovery Services is community based supportive services program that is provided to people needing supports to live independently in the community. In addition to the Community Based Recovery services (Services Component), participants may receive a housing voucher or subsidized housing unit as part of their individualized service package. This program will utilize Housing First and community-based services principles. Start Corporation’s philosophy is based on the belief that recovery is strengthened and supported by having safe and stable housing, access to basic needs, being a part of a supportive social network, and having meaningful interests and activities. Our goal is to help the persons we serve obtain these things and to help them feel like productive members of their community.

Under Housing First, best practice services are:

1. Individualized, flexible, and responsive to the needs of the individual;

2. Available when needed prior to, during, and after the individual has moved into housing

3. Accessible where the individual lives in the community.

Assessing needs, identifying goals, and providing services are clearly defined as part of not separate from the assessments and services an individual receives and the goals they set for themselves. However, services are separate from the housing and individuals are assured continued occupancy as long as they pay their share of the rent (which is 30% of an individual’s income regardless of their income) and they comply with the terms of their lease.

Population Served

Persons/Households with behavioral health, physical health, or developmental disabilities and that meet income guidelines and have a payer source for services.

Screening and Admission

When a referral is made the following steps will take place by Start staff:

1. The applicant’s Medicaid status will be checked.

2. If the person does not have Medicaid that allows for community based services they will be referred to the PSH office for additional waiver screening, if applicable.

3. If the person does have Medicaid that allows for community based services, an appointment for an Independent Assessment will be made to determine 1915i waiver eligibility.

4. After 1915i waiver status is granted and services are authorized, the approved individual/household will be assigned to a team to begin services.

Specific Services

1. Independent Assessment (IA)

2. Community Psychiatric Supports and Treatment (CPST)

3. Psychosocial Skills Rehabilitation (PSR)

4. Crisis Intervention (CI)

5. Psychotherapy


1. Maintain permanent housing

2. Teach people with disabilities how to live within a community

3. Develop a safe foundation for individuals so that they can work towards a greater level of recovery dependent on their disability

4. Alleviate crisis situation through interventions and teaching skills necessary to avoid displacement from community housing.

Transition / Discharge

Permanent housing models do not have planned discharges; however, should the client obtain other permanent housing outside of the program, the client may be transitioned to the new living situation. Supportive services will be available to ensure that the client transfers successfully.

Service Model

Housing First; Community Based Services

Special Population Needs

Services, information, and referrals may be adjusted based on special needs when identified.

Funding Contingency

Effective 10-9-13, this program will be funded through a fee-for-service model. All claims will be processed through Magellan Health Services.