Peer to Peer Recovery Services

Start Corporation Peer-to-Peer Recovery Program Services is a program that is designed to assist individuals in their journey of recovery. Certified Peer Support Specialists are individuals who also receive services in a mental health clinic who are certified in aiding in recovery, will be present in the surrounding clinics to talk to others who may need more in terms of searching for a deeper level of recovery. In addition to services offered in each of the clinics, Certified Peer Support Specialist, along with a caseworker, will go out into the community to offer services. Start Corporation’s philosophy is based on the belief that recovery is strengthened and supported by having safe and stable housing, access to basic needs, being a part of a supportive social network, and having meaningful interests and activities. Our goal is to help the persons we serve obtain these things and to help them feel like productive members of their community.

Population Served

Adult receiving service from a Mental Health Center in Region III, has a diagnosis of severe mental illness and is interested in making the commitment to embrace recovery from mental illness


Participants Natural Environment, Regional Drop-In Centers and Start Corporation’s Transitional Living Center

Days/Hours of Service

Monday – Friday 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

Peer Specialist services are provided at times outside of the office

Hours when needed by the peer.

Service Frequency

Service frequency is based on the needs of the peer.

Payer Sources

South Central Louisiana Human Services Authority

Referral Sources

Self- Referral through Mental Health Clinics in Region III

Specific Services

Focus on continuous assessment of peer’s needs and goals of their wellness Recovery Action Plan

Eligibility Criteria

Individuals who’s receiving services from a Behavioral Health Center in Region III, has a diagnosis of severe mental illness and/or Substance abuse and is committed to embrace recovery.

Exclusionary Criteria

Individuals whose needs cannot be adequately met by the provider.

Screening and Admission

Screening and assessment and eligibility determination is completed by the Peer Specialist and Program Coordinator

Program Goals

To develop clients’ independent living skills and the supports they need to sustain their functioning in the community.

To encourage peers to build their self-directed recovery tools,including the Wellness Recovery Action Plan, Peer Support Whole Health Classes and to encourage peers to participate at the drop-in centers.


The discharge process begins when the peer has improved his skills and has recovered and fulfilled his goals. Upon discharged the peer, Peer Specialist and Program Coordinator will review his self-directed recovery plan and if the peer feels comfortable with his plan and level of recovery, he will be discharged. At any time, if any need arises, the peer may return to the program.

Service Model

Theories of Recovery in Action Model

Special Population Needs

Individuals to see hope in their recovery and have an active role in the process.