PSH – Thibodaux

Permanent Supportive Housing (PSH) is community based supportive services provided along with safe, affordable, permanent housing. Best Practice PSH services are individualized, flexible and responsive to the needs of the individual; available when needed prior to, during and after the individual has moved into housing and accessible where the individual lives, as necessary. Assessing for PSH needs, identifying goals and providing services are clearly defined as part of not separate from the assessments and services an individual receives and the goals they set for themselves. However, PSH services are separate from the housing and individuals are assured continued occupancy as long as they pay their share of the rent (which is 30% of an individual’s income regardless of their income) and they comply with the terms of their lease.. Start Corporation’s philosophy is based on the belief that recovery is strengthened and supported by having safe and stable housing, access to basic needs, being a part of a supportive social network, and having meaningful interests and activities. Our goal is to help the persons we serve obtain these things and to help them feel like productive members of their community.

Population Served

Persons/Households with behavioral health, physical health, or developmental disabilities and that meet income guidelines. Preferences for hurricane displacees, homeless households, chronically homeless households, households at risk of homelessness or living in transitional housing for homeless people, inappropriately institutionalized, at risk of institutionalization.


Home and community locations

Days/Hours of Service

Office Hours are Monday – Friday 8:00-4:30
Services occur Monday – Sunday with 24 hour crisis availability

Service Frequency

Services are based on client need

Payor Sources

Medicaid Managed Care Organizations and Waiver Programs


Programs fees are paid through funding sources and by Medicaid through different managed care organizations.

Referral Sources

Referrals are accepted from all sources and self-referrals.

Eligibility Criteria

A member of the household has a substantial, long-term disability including but not limited to serious mental illness, addictive disorder, developmental disability, physical, cognitive, or sensory disability, or disabling chronic health condition that qualifies them for Medicaid­ funded or other funded supports and services operated or managed by the DHH program offices for Behavioral Health, Developmental Disabilities, Public Health or Aging and Adult Services.

The household shall be considered to be in need of permanent supportive housing if a member has a physical, mental, or emotional impairment which is expected to be of long-continued or indefinite duration; substantially impedes their ability to live independently without supports; and is of such nature that such ability could be improved by more suitable housing conditions.

The household’s income is 50% or below of Area Median Income.

Exclusionary Criteria

There are no exclusions as long as the eligibility criteria are fully met.

Screening and Admission

Start Corporation staff will screen all individuals initially to determine if eligibility criteria for program is met. Required documents will be sent to payer source who will review case for authorization. Upon approval of services from payer source, the individual will be admitted into the program.

Specific Services

Psycho-education, crisis, living skills, social skills, coping skills, referrals, Professional supports as needed (case management and counseling), Job opportunities

Program Goals

1. Maintain permanent housing
2. Teach people with disabilities how to live within a community
3. Develop a safe foundation for individuals so that they can work towards a greater level of recovery dependent on their disability


Permanent housing models do not have planned discharges, however, should the client obtain other permanent housing outside of the program, the client may be transitioned to the new living situation. Supportive services will be available to ensure that the client transfers successfully.

Service Model

Housing First

Special Population Needs

Services, information, and referrals may be adjusted based on special needs when identified.

Funding Contingency

If current funding is reduced, this program would seek alternative funding to maintain operation without disruption. If this were not possible, changes in staffing, hours of operation, or reductions in service types or frequencies may be necessary. Start Corporation would also consider alternatives to generating revenue as appropriate