Supportive Services for Veteran Families (SSVF)

The SSVF program’s goal is to prevent homelessness by helping qualifying Veterans and their families obtain the resources they need in order to successfully move to or maintain permanent housing.

Supportive Services:

The program’s Community Support Specialists (case managers) provide guidance, education, and service coordination to help Veterans and their families make informed decisions, understand their options and to effectively use VA benefits. In addition, Community Support Specialists connect Veterans and families with other community resources including housing services, health care, financial planning and assistance, transportation, legal services, child care, etc.

Temporary financial assistance payments may also be available to help with expenses such as rent, utility fees, security deposits, moving costs, transportation and child care.

Eligibility for the program requires proof of Veteran status with anything other than a dishonorable discharge. The DD-214 form is the official document for verifying this information.